Cashless Hostels & Hotels

We're going cashless

Safestay is going cashless. That means when you next check-in, the only payment method will be by credit or debit card. No cash will be exchanged.

Why? We’re a brand that embraces digital technology. As the world moves closer to a cashless society, that’s one governed by the lack of physical money such as notes and coins, we see electronic payments as a better way to manage our hostels.

By going cashless we reduce costs and this saving gets passed on to you, our guests. It means we run better promotions with even more affordable prices. In addition to this, handling cash transmits infectious viruses so we are going cashless in order to improve our approach to cleanliness and safety standards. In the near future, many more of our Hostels and Hotels by Safestay will be going cashless. We will be sure to let you know before that happens.

For now, join us in the cashless revolution when you check-in at any of our 20 hostels across Europe.

Guest checking in at Safestay

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"The hostel I stayed in London was beyond perfect. Super nice and kind people, the room was very clean and the bed was very confortable. To repeat!"

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