For the ones with a sweet tooth!

If you really want to experience the Spanish culture then you have to try all of these desserts!

Who doesn’t love a bit of dessert! While Spain is very famous for its seafood, tapas, and paella, their desserts cannot be ignored. Filled with tradition and uniqueness you’ll want to save some room to have a typical Spanish dessert!

But which one do you go for?

Fortunately, we have comprised a list of must-try Spanish deserts to help you on your next trip to Spain! Be prepared this will get your mouth watering!


1. Tarta de Santiago


Tarta de Santiago is thin, moist almond cake and translates to ‘cake of St. James’. Hence it is usually finished with a powdered sugar cross of St. James. Being thin means it is very easy to finish a few slices in a short space of time. As much as you try to resist, one slice will not be enough so you might as well give in a treat yourself. This dessert goes great with a milky coffee and is a great late afternoon treat. It’s also a great gluten-free dessert!


2. Tarta de Queso


The Tarta de Queso is similar to a cheesecake but with many differences too!

The Spanish tend to use a much stronger cheese in this dessert. It is also a lot lighter and fluffier than normal cheesecakes. They tend to have a more savoury taste compared to the cheesecakes you’ll be used to.


3. Torrijas


Torrijas are cinnamon-spiced slices of fried bread similar to French toast. These little treats will never bore you as they come in a variety of different flavours. Some people use simple milk, cinnamon and sugar whereas others are infused with sweet red wine and some liquors! Alcohol and dessert! That’s a win-win.


You can only find torrijas in the Easter season (March and April) so make sure you book your next trip to Spain soon! Why not stay with us? Book your stay now!


4. Chocolate and Churros


What a classic Spanish dish! Churros are fried dough pastries that are usually long and thick. They are served with a warm cup of pure luxurious chocolate!

It is practically a sin to have Churros on a dessert menu as this dish can be eaten at any time! For breakfast? Yes!

For Lunch? Off course!

As a midnight snack! You bet!


5. Tortas de Aceite


Tortas de Aceite is a classic dessert that translates to olive oil wafers in English. It’s a light, crisp and flaky sweet biscuit in the shape of a torta. You can add several different toppings either sweet or savoury! Both work very well. We recommend having some chocolate and banana on top!


6. Miguelitos


This dessert is made from countless layers of thin pastry and after just one bite you’ll notice it disintegrate into a million flakey pieces. Nevertheless, the dessert still remains moist. It is generally filled with a decent amount of chocolate ganache or cream. A huge problem with this dessert is that one is NEVER enough! You’ll find that you can easily eat a whole box to yourself in mere minutes after buying them.

Have we got your mouth watering and stomach rumbling? Great! It’s time for a trip to Spain! Lucky for you we’ve got a great hostel in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona! Book your stay with us now!