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  • Value for money, some of the most competitive prices online
  • 24hr emergency assistance, help when you need it the most
  • Flexibility, extend and change your policy whilst you’re away
  • Expert travel safety tips and advice
  • Exceptional customer service and reputation

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Travel safe with Safestay

  • TIP 1

    Knowledge is power, so know where you're going! Always research your destination and plan your arrival as best you can. You'll find all you need to know on the property pages of our website.

  • TIP 2

    Check-in with your family or friends when you've checked-in with us. Let them know where you are and who you're with.

  • TIP 3

    Check your map before you leave, google maps are great but not always the most reliable option. Besides, whose phone is always charged 100%, with available data or Wi-Fi? You'll find handy pocket maps at every Safestay reception.

  • TIP 4

    Find out about the local area, our staff are on hand to advise you where's best to go and will let you know about the safest walking routes and public transport options.

  • TIP 5

    Avoid drawing attention to yourself, sometimes it's impossible not to look like a tourist, but avoid walking with your phone or anything valuable in your hands, girls if you're wearing heels on a night out think about taking a pair of flats.

  • TIP 6

    Be aware of your surroundings, soak them up, and avoid walking with headphones in, especially at night.

  • TIP 7

    Have fun, but don't drink too much. It's fun to drink with new friends when you're travelling but go easy on the shots.

  • TIP 8

    Always know the address of where you're staying. If you're unsure ask a member of our team. It's essential for last minute taxis home after a great night out.

  • TIP 9

    Carry cash for unexpected taxis, you know, for when you're too tired to walk, it's raining or you've missed the last tube.

  • TIP 10

    Remember as nice as they seem you've only just met your new roommates. Avoid uncomfortable situations, bring a padlock and keep your valuables in one of our handy lockers.