Up your Insta game!

Germany's capital is full of wonderful spots where you can get a great picture!

In the blog, you will find a list of all the best Instagram spots in Berlin. We’ll also give you a few of our special tips on how to take the image so that it is Instagram worthy!


1. East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is actually present on the historic Berlin Wall. It is a 1.3km stretch of painted artwork.

There are many iconic murals on the wall that would make a perfect backdrop to your photo. Murals such as the Fraternal Kiss, Thierry Noir’s cartoon heads & The Colourful Mural of Swirling Faces (pictured) are our favourite paintings.

Insta Tip!
It usually gets quite busy as it is a popular tourist destination so we recommend getting their early to avoid the queues. Also, make sure you get yourself in the photo as this adds a uniqueness to them.


2. Oberbaumbrücke

After you have taken your best pictures at the East Side Gallery, the Oberbaumbrücke is a short walk away. It is a huge double-decker bridge that crosses the River Spree.

Insta Tip!
There is usually a yellow train that rides along this bridge. We reccomend waiting for the train to cross as the yellow colour adds depth to the picture!


3. Brandenburg Gate

This is probably the most popular tourist destination in Berlin! You can’t say you’ve been to Berlin unless you grab a picture with this great monument.

Insta Tip!
Head there when there are either no clouds in the sky or at the point where the sun is setting and the sky turns dark blue. This will give your photo a certain quality that will make it stand out.


4. Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is home to Germany’s parliament. The best part of the building and the reason why it is included in this list of the best Instagram spots in Berlin is the futuristic dome that sits on the top of it.

It is specially designed to bring light into the building. Entrance to the dome is free and we totally recommend going in.

Insta Tip!
Whilst the outside is also a good spot for a photo, be sure to head inside during the day to get the best pictures.


5. Viktoria Park Waterfall

The Viktoriapark is one of Berlin’s most famous urban parks. It is located in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood of Berlin, Germany.
At the foot of the National Monument flows a 24-meter-high artificial waterfall, which plunges down the hill into a narrow channel surrounded by rocks. In the lower part of the waterfall, precisely in the pond, stands a bronze sculpture that depicts a fisherman intent on capturing a siren.

Insta Tip!

Aim to get the whole waterfall in your shot and angle it so the church spire peers through the top


6. Klunkerkranich Rooftop

Berlin Cathedral is a huge domed church on the Museum Island and was constructed in 1905. 

Insta Tip!


Aim to get the whole building in your picture. For the best picture, you would have to get there early as this is when there are fewer tourists.