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Barcelona is a city of charm, character and originality, it is home to some of Europe’s most magnificent Gothic architecture, reminiscent of the Middle Ages

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter makes up the centre of the old city. The Quarter encompasses the oldest parts of the city of Barcelona, dating back to the 13th century. The narrow, cobbled streets allow a tranquil and picturesque escape from the busy surroundings of the rest of the city.

@Safestayhostels Catedral de Santa Eulalia

Catedral de Santa Eulalia

This masterpiece of a design, stands on the highest point of the Gothic Quarter, surrounded by an abundance of narrow, medieval lanes. The main construction of the Cathedral dates all the way back to the Romanesque period to be completed in the medieval era. This fine piece of architecture is notable for its gargoyles, and its surprisingly complimentary clash of gothic, Christian and Roman overtones. Expect to find tombs, elaborate art, an abundance of spires, and an altogether grandiose example of Gothic Architecture.


Plaça del Rei

The Place del Rei is one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona’s old town, opening up the quarter’s narrow streets on the southern side. Once again Barcelona brings us a stunning amalgam of Roman versus Gothic; Here one finds themselves surrounded by a palace, Palazzo and museum, leaving visitors spoilt for choice when exploring this area.

A Gothic Tour

Capella di Santa Agata

Once the chapel of the of the Royal Palace, the Capella di Santa Agata is renowned for its altarpiece by Jaume Huguet, this is considered to be one of the finest work of Catalan painting, creating a wonderful accompaniment to the backdrop of windows in the choir and gallery, which show the various coats of arms of the counts of Barcelona. The chapel is no longer used for religious services; however, it is open to public visits.

A Gothic Tour:

Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar

If you want a truly striking example of Gothic architecture, this is it. Unlike other buildings the Iglesia is minimal in its adornments, featuring a statue of the Madonna and a large rose window at its entrance. Like most gothic buildings on can find a noteworthy collection if sacred art here, along with the tomb of Arnau Ferre, who dies at the siege of Catania in Sicily.

A Gothic Tour: @jgalobardes

Palau Episcopal

Dating all the way back to the 10th Century, The Episcopal Palace incorporates architectural elements from the Roman times as reminiscent of most of the architecture in this quarter. With the inner courtyard rarely open to tourists, this is a delight to the eye you would be lucky to fully experience. With an arcaded gallery and a modern statue of our Lady of Montserrat, this is a must-see for those passionate for religion, history and art.