Travel on a budget!

We'll give you some of the best things to do in Prague when you're on a budget!

Whoever said you need to spend a lot to have fun was wrong. You can visit many great places across Europe without having to break the bank. For example, cities like Prague are magical in their own right and also aren’t too expensive to visit. There are many things to do in the beautiful city and within this blog, we are going to show you the best cheap things to do in Prague!


1. Try some trdelnik


Trdelnik is a hollow, spiral-shaped cake (pictured at top), grilled over an open flame then dusted with vanilla sugar and almonds or cinnamon sugar and walnuts. For those that want to compare, it has an aroma like brioche with a gritty hard sugar shell. You can either have it on its own or filled with ice cream.

Top Tip!

Trdelnik tastes best when it’s hot! So be sure to go when they are making a fresh batch! Check out this amazing blog for more Prague sweets!

2. People watch in Old Town Square


You’ll find a lot of activities happening when you visit the iconic Old Town Square. There are many street performers and musicians that gather to play wonderful traditional music. There are also loads of restaurants in the area that serve great traditional Czech food.


3. See the famous Astronomical Clock


When you’re in the Old Town Square, you have to see the Astronomical Clock. Located on the south side of the Old Town Hall, you’ll be amazed to know that it is the 3rds Oldest functioning clock! Be sure to get there early as that is when it is quiet. On the hour, every hour, you’ll see crowds gathering in front of the clock to watch the ‘Procession of the Twelve Apostles’. There are also 12 medallions below the clock, each of which represents the signs of the zodiac. If you want a good spot for photos and to watch this be sure to get there at least 5-10 minutes early.


4. Find all the best Art installations


Prague’s streets are filled with a variety of quirky art installations. Simply wandering around you’ll come across some interesting pieces. For example, the giant baby statues, the John Lennon wall, the umbrella hanging man and even the Head of Franz Kafka bring a lot of attention and would get all your friends talking about it! There are a lot of free tours that will take you to each of these stops and give you some information behind the history of these masterpieces.


5. Taste local Czech food


The best thing about travelling to a new city is that there are all sorts of local delicacies and in Prague, you won’t fall short of that. Popular Czech dishes include stews, sausages, dumplings, sauerkraut, guláš (not to be confused with the Hungarian variety), and different types of pastries. Vegan and veg-friendly restaurants are sprouting up in Prague and you can try meatless versions of local dishes or eat your favourite international cuisine. There are also a variety of Prague food markets that will have a wide range of snacks and traditional dishes. No one can hate a day of food which is why it has made our list of the best cheap things to do in Prague.


6. Row a boat down the Vltava River


Cruising down that Vltava River will give you a totally different perspective of Prague. When the sun is shining you’ll love the sun hitting your head as you cruise down. You can rent a boat for only 350 CZK (13.62 Euro). Now that’s a bargain! Each boat can also hold a max of 4 people. You might even get the chance to get some great Instagram shots! Click here for more Instagram spots in Prague.