Best day in Lisbon!

In the unlikely event that you have explored all that Lisbon has to offer, beyond it lies a plethora of wonderful day trips

Some of Portugal’s hidden gems lie beyond Lisbon’s city walls. The great news is most of these must-see destinations are only an hour by bus or car, giving one the possibility of fitting some of these experiences into a long weekend visit.


1. Sintra

Arguably the most rewarding day trip from Lisbon is Sintra. About 30km northwest of the city centre, this town is easy to reach, and well worth the journey. Sintra provides a wealth of history and beauty, with UNESCO palaces to see, castles to explore, and wonderful walks to embark on.


2. Palácio Nacional de Queluz

Dating all the way back to 1747, this is one of Portugal’s most sumptuous palaces. Here you will find both a historic monument and a museum, a portal to life in the 1700’s, surrounding visitors with the most wonderfully ostentatious paintings interiors, furniture and architecture. Reachable by a short train, this is a piece of historical beauty you definitely want to visit.

3. Cascais

3. Cascais

Cascais is a coastal resort town in Portugal, just west of Lisbon. It is surrounded by popular beaches where tourists often go surfing in all manners of the word. With a beautiful backdrop of the Sintra mountains and shoreline cliffs producing panoramic views of the sea, Cascais is very popular. If beaches aren’t to your liking, Cascais also has numerous museums and galleries to visit, along with a large range of golf courses to choose from.


4. Évora

Évora, the Alentejo’s regional capital is blessed with some of the most impressive attractions in Portugal. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Évora is home to a cluster of historic monuments, such as its 12th-century Cathedral, and an iconic Roman Temple. There is plenty to do and see here, and the good news it’s only an hour’s jaunt Southeast from Lisbon.

5. Batalha

5. Batalha

Batalha is a town and municipality in the Leiria District. The town was founded by King D. João I of Portugal to pay homage to the Portuguese victory which put an end to the 1383-1385 crisis. Batalha is home to Portugal’s most treasured jewel, Santa Maria da Vitória. If you like Gothic Architecture, this is your place to go. Dating back to 1388, this masterpiece took almost a century to complete.