Berlin should be on top of your list!

Not sure whether Berlin is for you? Or simply looking for inspiration for your next travel destination? Not to worry. We’ve gathered a list of the best reasons to visit Berlin to inspire your next travel adventure!

#1 Best Bands and DJs

Berlin’s calendar is fully booked with amazing concerts that span every genre. The capital does know a thing or two about quality music after giving birth to some of the biggest bands that continue to sell-out shows. They are also home to the best DJ’s on the planet. So if you’re a music lover you’ll love Berlin!


#2 Berlin is filled with History

From the Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery to the Stasi Museum, Berlin has been through a lot in the past and this is what stands out.

The city’s monuments and museums pay tribute to its tragedies and will give visitors an understanding of the history that shapes the city to what it is today.


#3 Beer culture

Beer and Berlin go hand in hand. If you could only have one beer in the city you would have to have Berliner Weisse. It is arguably the most famous beer in Berlin. But ideally, the best thing to do is try all the beers so find an area with a few beer bars and go bar hopping on foot. Also, you can visit many of these breweries and watch the beer being brewed on a guided tour – and you can of course expertly taste-test the beers afterwards.

#4 Variety of food

If there’s something that you won’t have to worry about, it is the food! Berlin boasts a numerous amount of restaurants with a cuisine that will please anyone. Be sure to try Schnitzel’s, Currywursts & Bockwursts. And for those that don’t eat meat, Berlin is one of the best cities for vegans with restaurants dedicated to producing only vegan food.


#5 Out-of-this-world nightlife

This wouldn’t be a great blog unless we mentioned the city’s amazing nightlife, which offers a spectacle of colour, dance and techno. Nevertheless, there are clubs that cater to every taste. Berlin’s party scene is ubiquitous, and there is no closing time for clubs. One of Berlin’s most famous clubs is Club OST situated in a semi-industrial area of former East Berlin. It also has room for over 600 people and has an epic sound system to give you quality techno sound.

#6 Street art and graffiti

Berlin is a canvas for artists which contributes to the uniqueness of the capital. A good place to see Berlin’s street art is at the East Side Gallery, where artists have covered the remnants of the Berlin Wall with murals some of which have become very popular.