Athens is a historical city with many beautiful sights to see.

While many tourists know about the Acropolis it is important to note that there are many more tourist spots that you can take a picture of! So we’ve gathered a list of all the best Instagram spots in Athens so that you can make sure your Instagram game is on point.

#1 Parthenon

It would be silly not to start with this one. At 512 feet tall, the Parthenon is one of the oldest sights in the world. It is actually located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens.

It’s a very popular tourist spot, aim to get their early to avoid crowds so you can get a clear picture of just you and the beautiful architecture. This also made our list of why you should visit Athens!

#2 Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a former colossal temple at the centre of the Greek capital Athens. Again you want to get there in the early hours to get a shot with just you in it. Also, aim to get the whole temple in your picture

#3 Dromeas “Running Man” Sculpture

This sculpture creative depicts an illustration of a runner. It stands at 30 feet tall and is located on a busy Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.

If you’re planning to get a picture of this amazing sculpture, make sure to stand further back to capture the whole sculpture in your image.

#4 Monastiraki

This is one of the prettiest squares in Athens but also one of the busiest. Expect to see a lot of tourists in the area throughout the day. This makes it challenging to get a good picture. So aim to get to a high point, that way you can get a birds-eye view of the whole square

#5 Panathenaic Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium was built for the first modern edition of the Olympics. This marble stadium is an impressive sight and there are two options for pictures here. You can either pose like a champ on the podiums and tell all your friends that you won the 100m sprint or you could climb to the top of the stairs and get a picture of the whole thing. Why not both!

#6 Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni is just 15 miles outside Athens and was formed a very long time ago when a huge underwater spring let loose. The waters have therapeutic value due to the high concentration in salts and minerals. The lake can reach temperatures around 78 degrees (even higher in summer). Combined with the therapeutic values means that a swim can be both relaxing and healthy!

For a great picture aim to get the whole lake in your shot. So you might have to take the picture before you actually arrive there.

#7 Pentelikon Waterfall

This is something that many people don’t know about. The Pentelikon Waterfall, also known as the Penteli Waterfall, is actually outside of Athens but is a must-see when you’re there. This beautiful water shows the beauty of nature and is a spot that will give you a good Instagram shot. We advise getting the waterfall in the picture and going on a good sunny day to make sure your photo is bright as can be!

#8 Olympic Athletic Center of Athens

If you use the green metro line from Monastiraki to the Irini station and get off at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens you will arrive at another Instagram spot. This is actually where the 2004 Olympic Games were held and is also where you can get a great picture. Many tourists get pictures of the open-air arcade called the Agora and it is easy to see why. Aim to get their early to avoid big crowds!