Dine in style!

You've got to go to all of these restaurants!

Travelling to Madrid soon? Then you must know how good their food is! However, with so many great restaurants in the city, which one do you choose?


Obviously, you want to go to only the best places which is why we have created a list of the best TRENDY restaurants in Madrid for all those that love to eat abroad! We’ll give you all the necessary information like their location, opening hours and the link to the menu! We also give you our recommendations on what to have at each restaurant!




1. Habanera

Habanera has had some great success since it opened. So much so that it is considered one of the coolest restaurants in the city. That is why it has made our list of the best TRENDY restaurants in Madrid.

You’ll all in love with the interior. The old walls are decorated in the purest of ‘La Habana’ style and the courtyard is full of vegetation!

We recommend getting involved in one of their Habanera cocktail workshops which taught by the prestigious bartender Carlos Moreno. We also suggest you try their best dish! Ropa vieja (stewed beef), Arroz Cangri (black rice) and banana chips.



2. Amazónico

When you visit the Amazónico you won’t be disappointed. It truly lives to its name as when you enter you will be met with the greenery and exuberance of the Amazon rainforest. The cuisine is inspired by tropical, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, along with a hint of Brazilian.

Its different environments allow you to enjoy the restaurant at any time of the day, whether it is a light lunch, a tapas bar, sipping your cocktails or a relaxed dinner.

Also, there is the Jungle Jazz Club located on the ground floor of the restaurant. It combines the restaurant with high-quality musical and live concerts every day of the week! The cocktails are inspired by the jungle and incorporate many flavours like pitaya, elderflower, lychee, papaya, cinnamon! You’ll love every single one!


3. Ojalá

This restaurant is by far the most stylish in Madrid and is definitely one of the best trendy restaurants in Madrid. The restaurant offers  Brunch until well into the afternoon; homemade cakes and sweets combined with natural juices, milkshakes, smoothies and various beers. That’s not the best bit! It also has its own beach and bar inside the restaurant! Now that will definitely go on the ‘gram.

We suggest getting there for brunch and trying the Villano! It is a dish that combines wheat bread, potato omelette, Iberian ham, grated tomato, green salad and yoghurt with muesli. We know your mouths probably watering based on that.


4. La Hojaldrería

This restaurant and cake shop is located in the century-old former Ribas y Alba dairy and focuses essentially on puff pastry. Its menu is divided into breakfasts, savoury dishes, combined dishes and sweets.

For those that love a bit of sweet and salty mixed together, we recommend their sweet and salty tartlets. You won’t be able to stop having them!


5. Peyote San

This is where Mexico meets Japan! That’s right Two countries that are on different continents are combined in ingredients, chiles, herbs, pickles and fish that mix intensely.

Space reflects the mix of street food Mexican street style with Japanese sobriety. It is decorated to combine Japanese panels and other geometries with fun Mexican skulls.

We recommend you to try the SHITAKE TACOS IN TEMPURA. The combination of flavours is so good you’ll be left wanting to eat Mexican and Japanese food together all the time!



6. Zaperoco

Zaperoco brings the best tropical flavours to your table: Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Peru or Brazil all come together on your plate. Not only do they combine flavours in food but also in their drinks! We love their sweet & spicy Margarita and we think you would too! Also, every weekend night Zaperoco bring out a DJ that will give you great music and a great atmosphere for your dinner!


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