Add one of these to your bucket list!

That feeling one gets after crossing the finish line is something you won’t be able to recreate ever with anything else!

If you’ve made it your mission to run a marathon in 2019 then we’ve got you covered. Whilst we can’t help you practice we can help you choose which marathon to run in!

Below you’ll find a list we have created of the top 15 Marathons in Europe 2019! We’ll give you all the necessary information such as the marathon’s location and dates as well as all their course information! We’ll also show you where you can register too!


1. The Athens Marathon


Location: Starting location is the Ancient battlefield in the town of Marathon

Date: 10th of November 2019

Time: The race commences at 9:00 am



The Athens Marathon is around 2,500 years old and is held annually in November. If you could only run one marathon in your life this would have to be the one! Approximately 50,000 runners line up to take part in this marathon which starts in the town of Marathon with the finish line in the Olympic Stadium in Athens. Imagine the scenes of crossing that finish line in the Olympic Stadium!

Want to see the program? Click here.

Check out this video on the highlights of The Athens Marathon 2018

Want to take part?

Registration hasn’t opened just yet but keep your eyes peeled here for any updates. You don’t want to mss out!




Location: Old Town Square, Prague

Date: 5 May 2019

Start: The race starts at 9:00 am in the Old Town Square and the first runner usually finishes after 7 hours



This marathon takes you across the many great sites of Prague. It starts in the magical old town square and then crosses the Charles bridge leading you through the many pretty neighbourhoods of Prague. As you finish the race, it will lead you back to the old town square!

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon also includes a variety of side events, such as the Marathon Music Festival, Sports Expo Fair and the short family Minimarathon. The short family Minimarathon is 4.2 km and is designed to allow everyone to be part of the marathon.  

Check out the aftermovie of VOLKSWAGEN PRAGUE MARATHON 2018:


How to get there:

  • By metro, line “C” (red) to station “Vltavska”
  • By tram number 14, 17, 24

Looking to run?

The prices vary depending on when you register

  • The first 3500 participants will cost €60
  • The cost for participants 3501 – 7000 is €90
  • The cost for participants 7001 and above is €110

How to register?

Use this link to register.

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3. Edinburgh Marathon


Location: Edinburgh

Date: 26th May 2019

Start: The race will start at 10 am



The Edinburgh Marathon is Scotland’s most popular marathon. It began in 2003 and has received a 97% satisfaction rating in a recent Runner’s World poll so it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed by this race!

The Edinburgh Marathon is second only to the London Marathon in the UK in terms of numbers, with over 16,000 runners taking part.

The route has changed over the last few years. What used to be quite a hill dominated race is now one of the flattest marathon courses in the world, which means the Edinburgh Marathon is perfect for your first marathon!

It also shows off Edinburgh’s great sites along the way. The race starts from Potterrow, in the grounds of Edinburgh University. You will then head out to the city centre, passing iconic sites, such as Greyfriar’s Bobby, the National Museum, the Royal Mile and the Scott Monument. The route will then lead to the Palace of Holyrood and Arthurs Seat, and out towards Musselburgh. From there, the course heads along the coast, passing the fishing areas of Cockenzie and Port Seton. Next, runners pass through the grounds of Gosford House. The last stretch takes you back along the coast to Port Seaton promenade before finishing back in Musselburgh.

If you don’t feel you can complete the whole race by yourself you can grab a couple of friends and enter as a relay team of 4 runners which means you’ll each run 6.5 miles.

Check out 2018 Edinburgh Marathon Festival Highlights!

Want to take part?

Standard Entry is £53.60 (early bird price) and then goes up to £57.50 after all the early bird tickets are sold out.

Affiliated Runners: £53.60 (early bird price) and then goes up to £55.65 after all the early bird tickets are sold out.

Register here! Registration Deadline is when the race is full. 

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Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: 7th April 2019

Start: The race will commence at 9 am and the first runner usually finishes in 6 hours.



The Vienna City Marathon will take you through Vienna’s most impressive modern and historic sights. You will start between the two massive skyscrapers of the UNO complex and will run towards and over the 864 meter long Imperial Bridge! You’ll then pass the Giant Ferris Wheel of Prater Park and then past the famous Opera House so you’ll be seeing all of Vienna on this run! At the end of the race, you’ll cross the finish line with  Vienna’s Burgtheater right in your view! Talk about a finish! Also if you don’t think you can complete the race by yourself, why not partake in the relay marathon so you can run a portion of the race each!

Why not stay a few extra days after the race and experience other things Vienna has to offer! We know all the best things you can do in the city!

Download the course map to the Marathon, Half marathon, and Relay marathon

Want to have a look at the race map?

Click here to see the map of the race

Check out the after video of VIENNA CITY MARATHON 2018

Want to take part?

There are loads of different running events you can take part in. Click here to find the list and to register

Be sure to register before the 24th of March 2019!

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Location: York

Date: 20th October 2019

Start: The race starts at 09.30AM.



A sell-out every year since its launch in 2013, the Yorkshire Marathon is one of the UK’s most popular marathons and it’s easy to see why.

The course is truly astonishing. It will show you the beauty of historic York and its surrounding countryside. You will start down Green Dykes Lane and be taken past historical sites such as the stunning York Minster. Then, you’ll pass some entertainment points all designed to encourage and motivate you so you’re not on your own on this race! For more detailed information about the route, click here

Don’t worry if you can’t complete this marathon just yet. There is the Yorkshire 10 Mile or the Yorkshire Marathon Corporate Relay which you can take part in to ‘warm up’ for your next marathon.

Famous athletes have taken on this 26.2-mile course. Paralympic gold medalist Hannah Cockcroft and Kenyan born Edwin Korir, who competed for the U.S.A. at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, have both completed the York Marathon.

Feel up to following their path yourself by completing the York Marathon?

Register here

How to get there?

There are many options on how to get to the race either by train, car, bus & even sea! For more detailed information click here

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Location: Rome, Italy

Date: 7th of April 2019.

Start: The race will start at 08:50 and the first runner usually finishes after 7 hours. Be sure to be there at least an hour and a half before your run!



Did you know the great Abebe Bikila won this Marathon by running barefoot on cobbled streets? We are not suggesting to do the same but rather showing you how much history this race has! The Rome Marathon is steeped in tradition! It starts in front of the 2,000-year-old Colosseum and then takes you past the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon, St Peter’s, Piazza Venezia and the Tiber River.

When the race is over you can spend the rest of the weekend indulging in some great food! We feel a fresh Italian pizza is a great reward after your run!

For those that don’t feel ready, there is also a 5km run if you feel like testing yourself!

Check out the after video of the 2014 Rome Marathon!


Want to make history?

To participate in this race the prices are as follows:

– Marathon – €80.00
– 5KM RUN – €10.00

Register here to take part in the race.


7. Schneider Electric Paris Marathonis – Paris Marathon 2019


Location: Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, Hall #1, 75015 Paris

Date: 14th April 2019.



This is one of the most prestigious races in the world as its participants cover a huge 42.2 km.

Over 40,000 runners gather each year to run this marathon and it’s easy to see why. In terms of showcasing the beautiful city, the Paris marathon does it best! While you run you’ll pass many of Paris’s greatest touristic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Bois du Boulogne, Notre-Dame, Musee d’Orsay and the Bastille to name a few. The greatest thing is the starting line as this is held on the Av. Des Champs-Elysees with the Arc de Triomphe perfectly set behind you. That would make for a great photo!

If this is your first marathon, Schneider Electric have you covered as they’ve got a few tips to make sure you cross that finish line! 

Want to see the route?

Click here to see a visual on the route you will be running!

Check out the after video of Paris Marathon 2018

How to get there:

  • Bus: lines 39, 42, and 49 – bus stop “Porte de Versailles”
  • Metro: line 12 – metro stop “Porte de Versailles”

Register for the race here:

If you’re up for taking part click here to register!


8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon


Location: Avinguda María Cristina, Barcelona, Spain

Date: 28th April 2019.

Start: The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon will start at 8:45 am



With challenging hills the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon can be a tough race, however, it has received many positive reviews.

Commonly the route is different every year. Nevertheless, this Madrid Marathon will take you to many of the fantastic sites in Madrid. It will start from Plaza de Cibeles, Marathon runners will be taken through the city centre, the old town and Madrid’s residential areas, passing famous landmarks on the way, such as Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Palacio Real. Runners reach the finish line in Madrid’s beautiful Retiro Park.

This event has 3 different races, depending on your confidence level!

There is the Full Marathon which is 42km. A Half Marathon which is 21km and lastly a 10 km course.

Expo 2019!

Apart from running, there is the Expo 2019 just before the race, between the 25th – 27th April 2019, where some of the most prestigious firms, institutions and entities of the sporting world meet.

Expo details

  • Dates: April 25 and 26, 2019
  • Hours:
    • Thursday 25th April: from 10:00 to 21:00
    • Friday 26th April: from 10:00 to 24:00.
  • Price: FREE ENTRY

Check out the highlights of the 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 

Want to take part?

  • Entry Fee: € 80
  • Registration will close on the 21st of April

Ready to secure your place? Register here.

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9. The Tenerife Bluetrail

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Date: 8th June 2019.



This is not your ordinary marathon. Rather than running on flat ground Tenerife Bluetrail offers you 5 challenging marathons through mountain terrain.

The toughest trail will take you from the south to the north coast, the hard way. Anyone who would want to register for this event would have to complete a medical report. Runners will cross the island, departing from sea level and reaching 3,550 m above sea level, the maximum that can be reached when ascending Teide’s peak. The overall distance a runner would cover would be a whopping 102km! There is also a version created to allow anyone with special needs to take part!

The 5 different marathons and their distances:

Tenerife Bluetrail is a trail running event that offers five different courses for its contestants.

  • Ultra – 102km
  • Trail – 67km
  • Maraton – 43km
  • Media – 20km
  • Reto – 8km, 3.7km and 1.2km

Check out the 2015 video of the Tenerife Bluetrail here

How to register?

Feel like you can complete the 102km trail? Or fancy taking part in one of the other easier ones?

Well, register here! Be sure to hurry the last date to register is May 17th, 2019


10. Dam tot Dam Loop


Location: Amsterdam

Date: 21-22 September 2019



Around 50,000 runners take part in this 10-mile run that goes through Amsterdam’s city centre. If 10 miles is too much there is also a 5 mile run the night before. 15,000 runners can take part in that. The run will take you through the lit streets of Zaandam! Enjoy many DJs, bands and spectacular light shows while you run.

Some people actually do both races, so if you’re daring enough, make it a challenge to complete both races! You won’t regret it as both races offer amazing views of Amsterdam’s city and picturesque Dutch canals.

Have you seen the after movie of Dam tot Dam Loop 2018?

Want to take part?

The registration opens soon! Keep an eye here to see when it opens!

For Members Le Champion individually the registration opens on the Monday, March 18 9 am

For non-members, the registration opens on Wednesday 10 April at 7 pm


  • 10 English Miles – €26.50
  • 5 English Miles – €29.50


11. Sarajevo Half Marathon


Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: The 15th of September 2019

Starting Point: In front of BBI (Shopping) Center 9 am



The Sarajevo Half Marathon is a very young marathon having only launched in 2007! The Sarajevo half leads runners along a fast and flat course through the most scenic areas of Sarajevo. The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina also offers several fascinating history museums which you can’t miss before or after the run.

Watch the Sarajevo Half Marathon aftermovie:

Want to run?

To take part in the half marathon you can register here

The fees to register are as follows:

  • Early bird price €20.50
  • Standard registration €28.00
  • Late registration: €46.00

The final deadline for payments is September 1st, 2019.


12. Lake Balaton Supermarathon


Location: Hungary’s famous Lake Balaton

Date: The dates for the race is March 21-24, 2019



You might be asking yourself, what in the world is Supermartahon!?

The Lake Balaton Supermarathon is a great race for those who look for real challenges. It’s a 4-day-long event, in which the participants run about 48 km each day! That makes 196 km all together! Don’t worry if you can’t do 196 km all by yourself. You can join up in a team and take part in the race as a relay team. You can also join on the last two half days and compete in the half marathon.

Want to run?

Click here to register!


13. Paris to Versailles


Location: Starts in Paris, France and ends in Versailles, France

Date: 29th September 2019

Start: The race will start at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. The race will start at 10 am but make sure you’re present well before that time. The race will end at the “Château de Versailles”



This 16-kilometre race will take you through the many landmarks of 2 cites so this race should definitely be on your bucket list! The race will start by taking you through many Paris landmarks and boulevards and then will guide you towards the impressive palace at Versailles!

Why not start your Paris trip a few days early? A Village Expo will be held on the 27th and 28th of September at the Palais des Sports Robert Charpentier.

Download the map of the course 

Watch the aftermovie:

Want to run?

Registration is now open! Register now!

The fees to register are 29 € until April 14th and 35 € from April 15th. Hurry the registration will close when the limit of 25,000 is reached!


14. 20 kilometres de Bruxxels


Location: Parc du Cinquantenaire Brussels, Belgium

Date: Sunday the 19th of May 2019

Start: The race will start at 10 am. Be sure to be their early!



A lot has happened since the very first Brussels 20km in 1980. From 4000 runners to over 40,000, this 20-kilometre race takes you through the many of the city’s parks and by many of the most remarkable buildings. When you have completed the race be sure to treat yourself to some Belgian fries, chocolates, and beers while in the city! The results of the race will be shown here 

Download the new route map.

Check out the aftermovie of 20 kilometres de Bruxxels

Want to register?

Registrations open on the 23rd March 2019 at 9 am and the price remains fixed at 25 euros

Register here.

Need somewhere to stay?

We’ve got a great location in the centre of Brussels! Why not travel early and do some exploring before your race!

Stay with us!




Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: 28 December 2019



The El Corte Inglés São Silvestre de Lisboa is a 10K event held on the 28th of December 2019! We know you’re probably thinking ‘December? That will be so cold!’ Not to worry, whilst it is the coldest month of the year, Lisbon is fortunate to have a subtropical Mediterranean climate meaning the temperature is still fairly mild. You can almost describe it as the perfect ‘running weather’. The race has also been awarded the Five-Star Certification from the European Athletics. Also, The registrations fees will revert entirely towards a non-profit organisation!

Want to take part?

Tickets are not on sale just yet but keep your eyes peeled here to see when you can register!



There you have it! 15 of the top 15 marathons in Europe in 2019! Which one are you gonna take part in? Let us know!


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