Let's up that Insta game!

Edinburgh's historic charm is perfect for Instagram!

Edinburgh is one of those cities that keeps its old heritage and uses it to its full potential. There are only a few places where you’ll be able to find so much historical charm and luckily Edinburgh is one of them! This historic charm has led itself to have many popular Instagram spots such as Arthur’s seat, Edinburgh’s Castle and Dean Village to name a few. That is why today we have written the top 9 Instagram spots in Edinburgh.

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1. Calton Hill

  • Location: Calton Hill, Edinburgh EH1 3BJ

It wouldn’t be Edinburgh without any hills, and our first Instagram spot does involve a bit of a walk up a hill but when you reach the top you won’t be disappointed! Calton Hill gives some of the best views of Edinburgh. There are several monuments on this hill such as the Nelson Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument.

Insta Tip!
We advise getting there for sunset as it really helps bring the city to life and makes for a great shot!

@chris_riseborough Deans Village

2. Dean Village

  • Location: 10/3 Damside, Edinburgh EH4 3BB

The world’s prettiest village can be found in Edinburgh! Surrounded by greenery with the river flowing will feel like you’ve transported to countryside.

Insta tip
Aim to get to the edge of the river and be sure to get as much colour as you can in your photo frame! You can also Stand on the bridge over the water for the classic shot of its historical buildings.

@jessicantao Arthurs Seat

3. Arthur’s Seat


Views, views, views, that’s what you’ll get when you climb up to Arthur’s Seat! It is located close to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is actually now an extinct volcano filled with amazing beauty. The top is higher than Edinburgh Castle and will give an immense view of the whole city!

Insta Tip!
Aim to get the city in the background, just like the image above, to really capture the beauty of this area!

@adeacon92 Edinburgh Castle

4. Edinburgh Castle

You can’t go to Edinburgh and not grab a picture of the Edinburgh Castle! There is nothing like it anywhere! The castle actually again sits on another extinct volcano. You could spend the whole day at the castle exploring the whiskey and discovering all the historical information. Be sure to head to the castle at 1pm to see the ‘One O’Clock Gun’ fires be shot from the castle

Insta Tip!
You can grab two types of photos. One from around Princess Street Gardens where you can take an amazing picture of the whole castle much like the one above! The second from in the castle itself overlooking the whole city!

@destinynyoung Victoria Street

5. VIctoria Street

  • Location Victoria Street, Edinburgh EH1 2JW

In the centre of Edinburgh’s old town, you’ll find Victoria Street. It is without a doubt the most colour street in the city! It curves up from the Grassmarket which perfectly helps show off the pink, blue, white and green coloured shop fronts which perfectly creates the ultimate Instagram backdrop!

Insta Tip!
Be sure to take the pic looking down the street as that way you’ll be able to get a good angle all the colours in the background.


6. The Botanic Gardens

Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens is heaven for anyone who loves to take photos! You can visit almost anytime during the year. Spring has blossoms, summer is lush and green, autumn gives you red and gold leaves and in winter the vintage glasshouse is absolutely .

Insta tip
Look out for special events that happen at The Botanic Gardens as this is when they incorporate lights. You’ll be able to get some great pictures that way!

@jiaqi.jiaqi.tang Princess Street Gardens

7. Princess Street Gardens

If you love everything green then be sure to head out to the Princess Street Gardens. Located underneath Edinburgh Castle is the Princes Street Gardens which is a large public park. The gardens are the former site of the “Nor Loch”, a defensive lake that sat here until the mid 18th century.

Today, the landscaped gardens bring a much different environment. It is very popular in the summer as a place to relax and take in the views with some fresh air.

Insta tip
Try to get a picture of a large stretch of green. If you get in the right spot you can also grab the castle in your shot! You can also find Edinburgh’s most important monument, the Ross Fountain in the Gardens in the same direction as Edinburgh Castle. Talk about getting the ultimate picture!


8. Circus Lane

For a different view of Edinburgh, you need to head out to Circus Lane, located in an area in the Stockbridge district. You’ll be met with beautiful terraced mews houses, lush greenery and millions of spots to take a good photo! It isn’t far from Dean Village which was also mentioned in our list of top 9 Instagram spots in Edinburgh, so you can probably do both at the same time!

@mikkeluc The Vennel

9. The Vennel

The Vennel is an alleyway that runs between the Grassmarket and Heriot Place. A Vennel is a passageway between two buildings similar to an alley. It gives another great angle of Edinburgh Castle. This area really gives your Instagram shot that historical vibe which is ever present in a city like Edinburgh.

Insta tip
Head out in the evening as this is when its illuminated facade contrasts against an inky sky. Get to the highest step to get the best views!