Travel on a Budget!

York is a City blessed with culturally rich architecture and heritage and breath-taking landscapes, all of which can be enjoyed without so much as a glance at your purse or wallet

As a City brimming with character, Ancient History, tradition and culture, York is the place to go whether it be with a loved one, your family, or a solo trip. Here are our top 5 main attractions to experience during your visit.

@uk.shots The Shambles

1. The Shambles

In one of those rare cases where the name has nothing at all to do with the location, The Shambles has been labelled as ‘officially the most picturesque street in Britain’ and is considered both the most famous and the most visited street in York, and for good reason. The Shambles dates back to the later medieval period and was the previous residence of the city’s butchers, whose by-products once lay splayed on York’s cobbled streets. The unchanged landscape immediately indicates the Elizabethan era, and for many, the trip down a historical lane is worth more than money can buy.

York City Walls

2. York City Walls

Walking the city walls while you’re in York is a must, or so the saying goes. At over 3km long, these walls bare a 900-year history of defending the great city of York, and they are miraculously well reserved with a backdrop of incredible views. They are in fact, the longest stretch of medieval walls in any city in England, and are worth a stroll, with amenities always close by for a stop off.

@maggie_outdoors The National Railway Museum

3. The National Railway Museum

For a day trip to York with the family, keeping the small kids (and big kids) occupied at a low cost can prove challenging. Well, you can all heave a sigh of relief and put a spring in your step as we huddle on down to the National Railway Museum where visitors can explore all the trains in the Great Hall, Station Hall and the workshop. The museum is overflowing with trains from the last 300 years, even including, the Duchess of Hamilton, the Japanese Bullet Train and the Royal Trains. At the National Railway Museum, there is plenty to see and discover and it’s all free, except perhaps the coffee, that you will most definitely have to pay for.

Free guided walking tours

4. Free guided walking tours

An association of Voluntary guides to the city of York welcome visitors to a free tour within the city walls and around York’s historic centre. The tours run daily starting from the Exhibition Square and moving through the city, concluding at the Shambles. Walkers are most likely to pass by the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, the King’s Manor, York Minster, the haunted Treasurer’s house and St. William’s College. It may very well be that you have already visited several of these but I would recommend a second visit with the guides who have a breadth of knowledge on the city’s history, superstitions and all the local gossip, rumours and jokes.


5. York Market

This daily market with over 85 stalls runs just behind the Shambles and is a fantastic spot to mix with the locals who are selling and buying a fantastic range of goods including; unique crafts, gifts, books, clothing, unusual antiques and plenty to eat at the nearby street food corner with a seating area and free WiFi.