Travel on a Budget!

There are few better places in Europe better than Prague if you’re travelling on a budget, especially when there are so many things to do for free

From the Astronomical Clock to a wall dedicated to the late, great John Lennon this is our list of the to make sure you leave Prague with your pockets full and the Instagram likes rolling in.


1. The Astronomical Clock

Probably Prague’s most popular tourist attraction, a visit to the Astronomical Clock is a must. This elaborate clock dates from the 15th Century with its famous ‘Procession of the Twelve Apostles’ – luckily the show happens once an hour so if you miss it just settle in for a €1.50 pint at one of the many bars around the square and wait for the Apostles to roll round again.

2. Charles Bridge

It used to be that the Charles Bridge was the only way to cross the watery expanse of Prague’s River Vlatvain. Now (obviously) there are various ways over the river but why anyone ever uses anything but this beautiful bridge beats us. Boasting unbeatable views of the city, the bridge is filled with street artists and performers and lined by an avenue of 30 baroque statues – it’s definitely worth the detour.

Lennon Wall

3. John Lennon Wall

Prague plays host to an unexpected tribute to a rock legend. Following Lennon’s murder, a mural of his face and song lyrics was painted onto a wall opposite the French Embassy as a tribute to the famous member of The Beatles. Since the 1980s every attempt to paint over the graffiti has resulted in its return and the site has now become one of Prague’s must-sees.


4. Petrin Lookout Tower

Visit Prague, see the Eiffel Tower – it’s basically two trips in one. Well, not quite, but Prague’s answer to Gustav Eiffel’s tower in Paris on Petrin Hill offers some truly stunning views. Following a visit to Paris in 1889 a group of Czech tourists were inspired to create their own tower in Prague, just two years later work on the Petrinska Rozhledna was completed and now visitors willing to brave the 299-step climb can reap the rewards with beautiful vistas across the city – and best of all? It’s free.

@eva__krizova  Wallenstein Gardens

5. Wallenstein Gardens

If you enjoyed the statues on Charles Bridge, we’ve got another treat for you. Designed by a Milanese architect in the 17th century, the stunning Wallenstein Gardens are not to be missed. Tucked behind the Wallenstein Palace, they’re dominated by a series of bronze statues of mythological characters from Hercules to Apollo, but our favourite has to be the kicking horse.