There’s an old saying that Italians live to eat, whereas the rest of the world eats to live.

Italy is so much more than just pizza and pasta and dishes can vary from region to region.

With 20 regions, each characterised by their own unique culinary traditions and styles, it would take numerous trips to truly appreciate what there is on offer.

Tuscany, located in the heart of Italy, however, is particularly traditional when it comes to its cuisine, mostly recognisable for its simplicity and freshness… and the bread, we can’t forget about the bread.

In Pisa, you will find a surplus of things to eat such as meat-based dishes, paired with locally grown fruits and vegetables from nearby farmlands and vineyards.

Did you know that Pisa’s wines and olive oil are regarded as some of the best in Tuscany?

My mouth is already watering…

So here is a list of some of the most unique yet rustic foods to help you decide what to eat in Pisa, Italy!

1. Cinghiale – Wild Boar

Pappardelle Cinghiale – Slow cooked Boar lathered in tomatoes and ribbons of pasta, known as the national dish of Tuscany, pappardelle cinghiale is by far the most popular dish within this region.
Did you know that wild boar love of feasting on grapes within the vineyards, adding to the subtle sweetness and tenderness of the meat?

2. Crostini Toscani – Toasted Appetizers

Slices of crunchy bread which is often accompanied with diced chicken liver spread across, almost like an open top sandwich. The perfect appetizer. Don’t be put off however it certainly tastes better than it sounds.

3. Torta co’ bischeri – The Pilgrim Cake

Truly the traditional dessert of Pisa, this pastry-like dessert which is prepared and filled with components such as eggs, chocolate, rice and topped with pine nuts and candied fruits.
Often infused with liquor too… how can you say no?

4. Formagg/Affettatii Misti – Mixed Cheeses/Meat

This one is definitely for the cheese lovers out there,
Or if you prefer the meat version, then opt for the Affettati Misti, with the added selection of local prosciutto, salami and sausages.

5. Eat some Fettunta – the best garlic bread you’ll have!

The people of Tuscany take their bread seriously and fettunta is no exception. A simple sliced of toasted bread dowsed in garlic and locally produced olive oil. A popular starter before to eat in Pisa before any main meal.

6. Trippa Pisana – Pisan Tripe

This one is definitely not for the squeamish. Tripe is the edible stomach lining from a range of farm animals, most commonly the cow.

If this is not for you then not to worry, pizza is very much a thing here is Pisa too.

7. Acquacotta and Sciocco – Soup and Stale bread

Tuscan bread is one of the few places in Italy known to be baked without salt; this tradition has been in place for centuries, due to the high levels of taxation on salt during the middle ages. Unsalted bread is still largely popular staple and a true Tuscan staple in regional cuisine today.

Homely soups made up of chickpeas, wild chicory, potatoes, fresh locally grown tomatoes are often accompanied by Sciocco (stale bread) yes, you heard the last part right.

8. Pisa’s famous Gelato – Italian Style Ice cream

Need I say more… Pisa is scattered with Italian style ice cream shops throughout the city. Known to the Italians as Gelato, you can find this in a wide assortment of flavours, just be sure to try out flavours such as rose and pistachio. Absolutely delicious.

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Sara | Girl About Europe

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