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If you're planning your next travel adventure and you're not sure where to go then we have the place for you!

Athens is Europe’s oldest capital and is also filled with a long history and an array of wonderful sights ready too be explored. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Athens:

#1 To see the monuments of the famous ancient Greek civilization

Greek’s civilization is one of the oldest in Europe and can date back 3000 years with the most recognised being the Acropolis. You might have heard of this word at some point in your life and it is actually a very popular landmark of the Acropolis and is visited by many people around the world. The Acropolis is usually mistaken for a building but is actually a large pedestal located on a hill in the centre of Athens. The Acropolis contains many world-famous buildings, such as Parthenon, the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. Also, there are 2 museums,  the Archaeological museum and the museum of Acropolis, which contain even more amazing artefacts.


#2 Greek food

If you love to experience a new culture when you travel then one way of doing so is through food. It is easy to find many restaurants and cafes selling traditional Greek food such as Moussaka, Dolma and Souvlaki. We recommend you try the traditional gyros dish is a mix of meat, chips, salad and tzatziki in a thick pita. It can be bought for as little as €2. Trust us, when you have one you’ll want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of your trip!

#3 Great weather

Greece is one of the lucky places to have sunshine year-round. It is very rare to experience bad weather in Greece which is what makes it a great travel destination. We recommend visiting between March and May and from September to November as this is when the weather is still warm but not to the point where you can’t stand outside for 10 minutes. Evenings are also pleasant during these months too!


#4 Exciting Nightlife

When the sun sets, the city gets pretty lively. After a later dinner, you can find an abundance of pubs and bars all full! Whilst many shops close at 9 pm, the bars and restaurants stay open really late. The city definitely knows how to party and do so until the early hours of the morning. It’s one of the best ways to see what modern Greek life is all about. The best clubs are located in either Voula, Syntagma Square, or Glyfada

#5 To experience the Greek culture

Whilst you won’t find many top fashion brands and stylish clothes but what you will find is a lot of traditional, handmade goods. There are many small shops that sell jewellery, accessories, and pottery. These are great souvenirs to buy to remind you of your trip and to buy as presents for your family and friends back home. The best neighbourhood to visit is the Monastiraki neighbourhood which lies along one of the most popular routes to the Acropolis. There are many Souvenir stands and little shops in this area so you’re bound to find something!

#6 It’s so close to the sea

If you feel you’ve explored the whole of Athens you’ll be happy to know that the sea is less than an hour away from the centre. In fact, a great place to see the seaside is in Vouliagmeni which is less than 45 minutes from the centre of Athens.